EXCLUSIVE: Jetsurfing! Like surfing, but with jets!

If you’re the sort that’s always tryin’ to get to the next level, this is it. You’re on a boogie board-sized “surf board” that actually has jets attached to the back that can allow you “surf” over water at 40 mph without waves. Let that soak in for a minute. You honestly have no idea what 40 mph feels like if your only experience with it is a car or speedboat. You’re literally holding on to friggin’ rockets until you get on top of them and then, vrooom! …you’ve reached that level.

If this doesn’t give you tingles, try another trip. Otherwise, sign up below. Pro-tip: although jetsurfing is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced, getting started feels a lot like getting started with regular surfing and wakeboarding combined. If you know/remember that feeling and have figured it out, you’ll figure this out, too. Jetsurf board, PFD, basic instruction, and tow support all provided.

DUE TO LIMITED AVAILABILITY, this trip can only accommodate 4 guests. However, book for you and a friend, and get 10% off your final order. Book for you and two friends and get 20% off. Book all 4 spots and get 30% off your final price! Discounts applied automatically at checkout.

Before you go, click the links below. Then go book it, fam!

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