5-day easy canoe camping around your own private island!

OK, so it really won’t be your own private island and we’re not actually renting out an island. But because of the timing, there’s no campground reservations required and no one else is camping because schools in session, families are working, and the only way to get to our campground is by paddling, which locals mostly stop doing in the fall for some reason. We take advantage and enjoy almost 100% privacy and ridiculous northeast colors.

Here’s what our week looks like:

  • It’s a full day’s roadtrip with a supply stop. Then a paddle out to our campground. Then camp set up, campfire, and chill.

  • Next day Tuesday, we explore islands, tributaries, creeks, everything via canoe, with some portaging involved, as far as we can go, using our campsite as our very own personal HQ.

  • Wednesday, we explore areas we missed and/or other activities like fishing, swimming, etc.

  • We head back Thursday.

The itinerary is fluid, meaning we get there when we get there, we get started when we get started, we wrap up when we wrap up. If you’re signing up to this trip, I hope you’re OK with that. This trip is a bit on the pricier side, but consider that you’re getting a roadtrip, fun times, good vibes, awesome activities, and a chance to unplug and relax on an (almost private) island in the middle of a gorgeous lake in heart of the Saranac region in upstate NY for a week. Not that pricy anymore, right?

Your fee includes a seat in the minivan, your canoe rental for 4 days, along with paddle, map, and personal flotation device. Your fee does not include food and drink, but remember, we’re making a supply stop and we’ll have a cooler. Your fee also does not include camping gear, but rental gear is also available at the rental shop for an extra fee. This trip is rated Beginner. Word. Watch the videos on our paddling channel to see how it’s like to paddle with Outerthere!

Before you go, click the links below. Then go book it, fam!

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