Surfin' like a boss for beginners

We were like, Let’s go surfing!

After all, just south of Brooklyn, we’ve got some of the best surf on the east coast. (Bet you didn’t know that, huh?) And as it turns out, we’ve even got world renowned surf champs designing lessons for beginners, so we partnered with them to make it happen like only New Yorkers can!

All inclusive beginner surf camp with other beginners right hurr in NYC, baby! Board included. Just gotta get your butt over there, so plan ahead because A train on weekends is ridiculous. Word. Watch a video of our last surf trip, then sign up.

HEADS UP, FAM. Please note this activity is approximately 2.5 hours and takes place at Catalina Beach House in Long Island and there is a $20 valet parking fee and $35 beach access fee for the day (both payable when you get there). Sorry, Long Island got no chill with their beaches and wants to keep riff raff like you, out. But seriously though, have you ever tried to surf on a public beach between 9a and 5p on a hot weekend? The crowds are frustrating, like sitting in traffic for an hour. Catalina Beach Club owns a private beach on Long Beach and unlike free beaches like Far Rock (still our fave, too), there are no crowds waiting for sets in the water, except your small group. So, you can pay less for a rental or local beach bum to show you some things on a crowded beach and maybe get lucky, or you can pay a little more for personal attention, patience, and time to learn and catch a bunch of sets by yourself. So, yes, it’s exclusionary, but it’s also the best way to catch your first wave so next time, you can just a rent a board anytime you want. Take LIRR, a local bus from Far Rockaway, and/or just take a cab.

Before you go, click the links below. Then go book it, fam!