Epic mountain biking experience!

If you’ve ever seen a POV video of some dude biking on the very edge of some mountaintop or bombing down a flight of steps into a public plaza or flying through the air of a dirt bike course and thought to yourself, Holy Sh_t I Want To Do That!… then this experience is definitely for you. (Actually, even if you’re like, Nope. Nope. Aaand Nope… you’d still like this).

We’ve mountain biked as far away as Patagonia, Chile and as close by as Cunningham Park in Queens and nothing has been as awesome as Blue Mountain Reservation, right here in our backyard in Peekskill, NY. It’s a system of trails thoughtfully designed by pros for beginners (and other pros), with single track (one bike behind the other) and double track (bikes ride next to each other), with easy, all-downhill trails as well as disturbingly technical trails that will leave you feeling like you must be crazy to have paid to hike up a mountain with a bike, like WTF!

Outerthere.com has partnered with the actual local guides who came up with these courses to provide you everything you need to have crazy fun trying to ride bikes on mountains, from high-end, $5,000 bikes* like Kona, Pivot, and Yeti (these are the creme de la creme of mountain bikes and trust that there is a HUGE difference! You’ll never go back to Walmart bikes…), to guidance, gear, maps, and instruction**, to an epic course that you’ll love your first time or twentieth.

Mountain biking is a ridiculous whole body workout so f_ck off, stationary bike. You ready? Yeah, you ready. Book your experience*** now. Word. This activity is rated Beginner to Advance. Watch videos of how we roll together then sign up.

Before you go, click the links below. Then go book it, fam!

*Based on availability
**Guide included for Outerthere groups
***Transportation not included, but public transit is available