Kayak to a F_ckin' Waterfall on the Hudson!

Sit down fam, 'cause you're 'bout to get schooled. You live in NY and enjoy all it has to offer. Except probably the Hudson River. The "river that flows two ways" isn't just Manhattan's river, it's NY's river, stretching 315 miles from the Adirondacks all the way down to the Atlantic Ocean. And despite how badly NY'ers have screwed it up over the centuries, we're also spending billions of dollars to clean it back up, spurring the creation of non-profits with names like Riverkeepers, Clearwaters, and Scenics who monitor everything that goes into it. Thanks to them, corporations, and other community groups, working collaborative with local, state and federal governments have been working since the 90s to continue to keep it clean so we can enjoy it by sailing, fishing, diving, and yes, paddling it. You can pretty much paddle anywhere on the Hudson. But if you don't own your own gear, or don't know the rules of the river, (or how to paddle... or swim...) it's best to go with an experienced guide.

So, now that you know that, know this: there's a secret waterfall that you can only get to by paddling under a railroad track right off of the Hudson River, through a protected marshland, and into a hidden creek. And when you get there, you can swim in a cool, refreshing pool, followed by a healthy lunch. And that’s how we roll… err, paddle. Word. Kayak, paddle, flotation devices, guide, instruction, and lunch are included. This activity is rated Beginner. Watch videos of how we 'yak, then sign up.

Before you go, click the links below. Then go book it, fam!