Run With Outerthere!

Mud gets everywhere. And it hurts. It hurts everywhere. Even down there. And for months, you're feeling sore or brushing dirt off your floors and clothes. And every time you're in danger of a heat stroke, dehydration, or hyperthermia, you wonder why the f_ck you're doing it. But you keep doing it because Running is Life! OCR is Life!

But chill, we just tryin' to get that finisher medal without f_ckin' up our knees or drowning in mud. Races and OCRs are the only types of activity that forces you to get in shape, where you get to play like a kid, where your community and team comes through for you, and where you get the most epic footy of you accomplishing epic sh_t. Going in to work on Mondays with that big grin and hard-earned cuts and bruises like you know you're the sh_t and the bozos around you complain that the elevator's out and they had to take stairs to the 2nd floor and you're thinking #f_ckyourdesk and you can't wait to do it next time! We know how you feel fam.