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MOVE NYC 2019: Parkour Festival

  • New Design High School US (map)

A pop-up indoor parkour facility in NYC


Parkour is basically running with some acrobatic movements in mixed in to help you get between obstacles. If you’ve ever seen a video of anyone “spiderman” flying through the air or against walls, then you’ve probably seen parkour. It’s been featured in movies including District B13, Assassin’s Creed, 007’s Casino Royale, Live Free or Die Hard, and Jason Bourne movies, you’ve seen it in countless super hero movies, and now’s your chance to see it and even participate in it at this year’s annual MOVE NYC, a movement festival where NYC’s parkour enthusiast and practitioner community comes together to share, learn, and celebrate this incredible art and sport. MOVE NYC is hosted by The Movement Creative and it’s set up as a not-for-profit and the only organization insured to instruct on parkour. We support ‘em and encourage you to check ‘em out, too. A portion of your donation goes to support local highschool that’s being used as the venue for this event.

Check out the “our Park” video clip from The Movement Creative’s workshop at OutdoorFest 2018


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