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Latino Conservation Week @ Jamaica Bay by Latino Outdoors NYC

  • 28 West 9th Road Far Rockaway, New York 11693 New York US (map)

Meeting at the HQ of the Northeast Chapter of the American Littoral Society


We’ve never endorsed any Latino Outdoors events, but this event is gratis and you’re helping the environment while getting a dope tan. According to their website, you’ll take a “short boat ride, then wade in the water planting marsh grasses to help control erosion. There are 20,000 plugs of grass that need to be planted by the end of the month, so the more helpers, the merrier!” Register at their event page here.


They suggest: “Wear comfortable clothes that can get wet and dirty. Wear water shoes, or sturdy sandals if you have them. DO NOT wear flipflops - the mud will steal them! Come sun and heat-ready: sunscreen, hat and/or glasses. Bring a snack and/or a lunch, and a refillable water bottle.”

Additionally, Outerthere suggests: a spare change of clothes and a gallon of water to rinse off when you’re done.