Family hike was lit fam 🔥👪 Huge shout out to errbody who came out and hiked with the kids! Word! I think we may have to do it again...


Check Outerthere recommendations for spring hikes (with snow on the ground). Definitely do not use the same footwear that Al used for this hike. That makes no sense.

Every year I get asked to do a family trip for ya'll chilrens. But this the year we're gonna make it happen with the help of Anna P, Jennifer E, and Ben W! Word. Shout out to ya'll, homies!

Anyway, this is how it's going down. At approximately 11:00am, we're all meeting in the parking lot of Garrison, NY. You can drive there, there's a huge parking lot, or you can roll with me (sign up for details on taking Metro North train with me). From there, we'll all gather up, wrangle the kids, and hike Hudson Highlands State Park to Sugarhill Loaf, a kid-friendly mountain overlooking the Hudson. The entire hike is picturesque, easy for any physical fitness level, and crosses a ton of interesting sites (check the Outerthere Difficulty Ratings here to get an idea of what I mean about easy or Beginner). When we get to the Sugarloaf, we'll stop, eat lunch, and head back to Garrison station. The entire hike should take approximately 3 to 4 hours (not including commuting time), but we'll keep a good pace and wait for everyone so could be more or less. The point of this trip is getting out, not crushing miles or beating fastest times. So, sort out your work schedule, do your errands during the week (Sunday, you may want to just chill), and tell your friends with kids. This is gonna be a dope trip.