I honestly did not expect to it to be this family friendly. But I'm also not sure who was squealing the loudest - the kids or the grown-ups! Fun way to spend a hot summery day no question.


We want to thank our sponsor Physiclo who hooked up some legit workout gear. You're probably thinking why you need to train to bounce around an overgrown kiddie race? Nah son, relax. Your cardio (and balance) will be tested chasing after your kid and you need every bit of help you can get. Step up your workout for your next adventure (or just to look fly at the gym).

 Allow 3 weeks for printing and delivery.

Allow 3 weeks for printing and delivery.

Want the tees we rocked on the trip? Get 'em hurr.

A good OCR is just what you need to get your priorities right. But an OCR with inflatable balloons is what you need to make those priorities fun. Word.

Last year, I did a version of this and it was soooo much fun, I'm doing it again this summer. (Shout out to Outerthere friend Eileen Y for recommending both!) Don't let it fool you though. This ain't a race. It's just bouncy goodness. We're doing it together, at a fun pace, so don't feel like you can't go 'cause you'll slow everyone else down. You won't. Even the kids can roll through, if you got 'em. But if you've ever been in a bouncy castle or on a trampoline you know that bouncing around is also a good cardio workout. So, yeah, make exercise great again! Check out the race and register here. Sign up for the 9am run under 'Outerthere' team. (Later time slots are full, which means bottle necks.) And if you're a Groupon member, get your discount here. And after all that, come back here and sign up on the form below to let me know you goin'. Yeah!