Stress free beginner hike my a s s ! One of the most epic hikes ever started on a bright and sunny day. We got to Lake Sebago just as it started to drizzle. We had lunch and were about to take a swim in the lake, but changed our minds as the weather turned. As we started our hike out of the park, the skies opened up and dumped FML-type rain on us. Halfway down, completely drenched, gear soaked, we were like, "Zero f_cks given". And then things got worse because knees started giving out. But we managed to get off that mountain like real Gs, though. 'Cause we gangsta like that.


It was a hike in soaking summer thunderstorm. See Outerthere recommendations for what to wear in the summer on a hike.

Before I started guiding trips, I'd taken several friends on this trail I put together (including my 65-year old mom!) and everyone's loved it because it parallels a stream - which is fed by a dammed lake - and the altitude gains are gradual, so you can leave your climbing gear at home.  Although we'll be walking approximately 7 miles between two villages, we should be arriving at Tuxedo in time to catch the 6:30 train back home.

Sebago Lake, like most of the other bodies of water in this area, is not swimmable (according to signs you won't even notice), but it is fishable (in case you want to catch your lunch).  Once we cross this point, we'll relax and then we've got the entire trail practically to ourselves until Tuxedo; and you'll appreciate it, because after a lake-side snooze, you'll have to fight the -itis hard to get to the end and you don't want anyone else seeing that.