There are dozens of booking sites and deal sites out there looking to list your adventure. But they're selling volume and your experience is just 1 of dozens or hundreds they're listing in your area. How will you stand out?

Host A Trip is Outerthere's partner platform to share or create trips, get content, and drive bookings and purchases. On, you'll stand out because your experience will be featured in a unique way on our official calendar, unlike anything you'll get on any other booking site. And after, your experience will be permanently showcased across our website, emails, search and social channels with original videos, photos and reviews.

Hosts are climbers, kayakers, skydivers, zipliners, yogis, fishermen, surfers, and destinations that know how to run trips and operations, and value any all help they can get with their marketing. As an Outerthere Host, you get industry-specific marketing expertise that exclusively supports your existing guiding, adventure travel business, or venue.  Existing affiliate/referral programs welcome. And we love showing the Outerthere family new things to try! 


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Outerthere Hosts specializes in promoting active experiences across U.S. east coast destinations, including NYC and upstate NY, NJ, MA, PA, and VT.  We also promote select active experiences and venues around the world through Further Out. Outerthere is not a travel agency or OTA and is not accredited by IATA, ARC, or CLIA. Outerthere partners directly with providers of all types of active trips and experiences using a combination of commissions and discounts.

Outerthere Adventures, LLC is the owner of the brand and all related services.