Do it in the water in Mexico!

Go to Mexico, fam!

The idea was to dive Cozumel, one of the prettiest dive spots on earth because of it's stunning underwater biodiversity, thanks in part to its enormous barrier reef. And it was pretty. Lots to see while you drifted across the ocean floor. But when someone told me about the cenotes, I wanted to check them out. Little did I realize it would change my life. The Cenotes are sinkholes with pools of water all across the Yucatan Peninsula. Approximately 8,000. Many already mapped. Many unmapped and even unexplored. Like, these are the kinds of experiences they make thrillers out of. Anyway, although you can snorkel them, it's worth getting your dive certification to dive them. (Cenotes are also the only caves you can dive without cave diving certification). And you can get certified there, too. Also, umm, fly boarding. Yeah. Do that. The stop over in Mexico City wasn't linked to this trip, but it should be. There is no partying in Cozumel or Playa del Carmen. It's purely for divers. But there's plenty to do in the capital, particularly visiting that Plaza Del Garibaldi and getting serenaded by authentic mariachis. Further Out can help you plan your itinerary including local tour operators, foods to eat, and #sidemissions to try. Fill out the form below to learn more.


Day 1. Arrived at Cozumel. Settled into our hostel.

Day 2 and 3. Dived the reef. Flyboarded. Word.


Day 4 and 5. Flyboarded. Then took 45 minute ferry back and forth from Playa Del Carmen to dive cenotes.  

"After a total of 8 dives, 4 of which occurred the previous two days in the beautiful, blue, open water between Cozumel and the mainland, I wasn't sure what could top that experience. I arrived on the mainland specifically to dive the famous cenotes and was ready to have a good time. I certainly didn't expect my life to change." Read more on TripAdvisor.