Yeah yeah it was a business trip, but so what, we went and it was still dope


India's outdoor adventure scene exists!

But we didn't really explore it to spend time in two huge cities and launch new sh_t. Take a look at the clip. But we got the goods for next time.


Day 1-4. Mumbai


Day 5-10. Ahmedabad.



"When our car arrives at the JWM, we got security checked like we were visiting the White House. Should I be worried? The car pulls up the hill and we are greeted by exceptionally polite and well-groomed front-area staff. We brisk through another layer of security with metal detectors - OK, now I'm worried - and into a grand lobby overlooking a garden, pool, and beyond that, Juhu Beach. Ahhhh! Cool air. What's this? Watermelon juice?! Whoa. We checked-in and were in our rooms within minutes. The room was perfect. Wait, what was I worried about? Who cares, look at this shower!! That overhead wide-head shower was like standing in a warm tropical gentle rain storm of goodness. Yasss!" - The JW Marriott. Read more on TripAdvisor