Family, waterfalls, horses, and beaches!



It's pretty much the reason we do everything. I really didn't know or understand how awesome my own family was until I went searching for them. What I found were the most amazing people I've ever met. I really have no words to express how grateful I am to having found and reconnected with them and look forward to many visits. Oh yeah, and we jumped off a few water falls into some turquoise  pools and rode some horses on a private beach. 


Day 1-3. Santo Domingo, visited family.


Day 4-5. Puerto Plata, everything else.


"...Yvo, his wife, his step-son, and their entire crew were some of the most sincere and down-to-earth people you'll ever meet. We opted for the horse riding on the beach and on the day we went, we had nothing but bluebird skies, fluffy white clouds and the beach all to ourselves. It was the stuff you dream about. And if that wasn't awesome enough, Yvo had arranged for a fresh-caught fish and lobster lunch right on the beach. The fish and local lobsters were caught literally when we started our trip and by the time we were done with our swim, a ridiculous, perfectly seasoned buffet was waiting for us at our table, with some ice cold Presidente beers. I don't know what you call heaven, but that experience certainly was. Definitely doing again!"

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"When we arrived, Saskia and Marc personally greeted us, paid our moto-concho driver, and gave us a tour of our room. Anna's weary eyes, tired of loud Dominican family and long drives across the countryside, widened. Her jaw dropped and looked like it was going to freeze permanently. And if smiles could prolong life, she's probably going to live to 100 because she was so happy with our room at Casa Veintiuno."

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