The 72-Hour Costa Rican Adventure

Think you can handle 72 hours in Costa Rica?!

So much to do, so little time. However, it can be done in little time. The idea was inspired by those 72-hours articles in the New York Times and long weekends that needed filling, but we wanted to do it Outerthere style. So, we bought our tickets to the capital and from San Jose, we were able to get around anywhere in country within a couple of hours. I wanted to step up my paddle game, so that's what I did. Oh, and those spas tho...


Day 1. Arrived in San Jose. Settled into your hostel. 


Day 2. Zip lined Costa Rican jungle canopies!


Day 3. Whitewater rafted the ridiculous Pacuare River!


Day 4 (Bonus day, it was a leap year. Really.) Tabacon hot springs. Departed Costa Rica after.

#Flying, check.

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