8 days, 6 airports, 4 cities. That's how we get to know a country!


Colombia knows how to party!

It's now become a thing. Find an epic party in some far off part of the world, and do whatever other crazy sh_t you can only do in that country. Colombia during Carnaval is no different. Epic party and epic adventuring. But here's the thing, as always, unless you're a local, you're probably gonna end up doing all the touristy sh_t, which isn't bad, but you want to get all up in a country when you're there, right? So, you gotta do it this way, where you're traveling around the country over a few days and get to see pretty much everything, whether you're traveling solo or in a group. This concept was conceived after having spent 8 days in the same town, only to take buses back and forth from other cities. So this time, instead of going back and forth, we just booking one-way tickets all over the place, saving money on airports and in some cases, even hotels. Word. Bring a single carryon bag with all your stuff and take advantage of everything Colombia has to offer, from epic adventure tourism infrastructure, to amazing biodiversity and ecology, to some of the badest-ass guides on the planet. It's all here. Further Out can help you plan your itinerary including local tour operators, foods to eat, and #sidemissions to try. Fill out the form below to learn more.


Day 1. Arrive in Bogota. Sight seeing. Overnight bus to Medellin.


Day 2. Settle into hostel in the morning. Free time. Night life.

Day 3. Shopping. Night life. Overnight bus to Barranquilla.


Day 4. Parade. Night life

Day 5. Cultural sight seeing. Overnight bus to San Gil.


Day 6. Settle into hostel. First activity.

Day 7. Second activity. Free time. Overnight bus to Bogota.

Day 8. Depart Colombia.


"I pulled up to the bar, got me another beer, and proceeded to tell them the story of how my night went. It was ridiculous. Then they started sharing their own personal nightlife stories. We took pictures. Got a bit rowdy. I mean, here I was, a total stranger, getting treated like family and getting the inside scoop on how drop-dead gorgeous, local bartenders party in Medellin!" - The Charlee Hotel. Read more on TripAdvisor