Trekking, Paddling, Mountain Biking in Chile!

Ain't no adventure like a Patagonia Adventure!

This trip was not easy. It was a 14-hour commute. A crazy flight, for which pilots are specially trained. It's a so much epicness, you will need a day (or 2) to recover before you can stand again. But it was worth every bruise, cut, and ounce of soreness! Over the course of 4 days, basically from the moment we landed, we experienced every type of landscape this beautiful part of Chile has to offer. There was no time to rethink anything and there was nothing else to do but crush it err day!


Day 1. Arrived in Punta Arenas (it's a 16 hour commute from NYC). Settled into our hostel.


Day 2. Explored an immense, windswept landscape on horseback. Ridiculous lunch and drinks at the estancia after.

Day 5. Came back to mountain bike this same terrain!


Day 3. Paddled this windy lake took nerves of steel.


Day 4. Did part of the legendary W trek to lake of the Mirador, at the base of the Paine Del Torres. This is ordinarily a 12-hour day. We did it in 6. And only one fractured ankle.

Day 6 and 7. Rest days. Knees shot.

Day 8. Departed Chile.