Winter Gear


  • Heavy-weight merino wool or synthetic baselayer (1 if you run hot, 2 if you run cold). Baselayers are the tops closest to your skin.

  • Midlayer, such as a sweater or puffy jacket. Down puffy if you run hot, synthetic puffy if you run cold (or if you're a vegan.

  • Outer layer, a shell like a rain jacket if you run cold and/or insulated, water proof/resistant jacket. 

  • No big, heavy coats, because they're not easy to pack in your bag and too heavy to lug around.


  • Merino wool or synthetic baselayer (such as long johns)

  • Insulated pants, waxed pants, or cords as your outer layer

  • Denim is not recommended.


  • Sturdy, waterproof hiking boots.

  • Gaiters to prevent ice and water from getting into your shoes.


  • Wool socks. Always pack an extra pair of wool socks, because your feet always get wet and cold no matter what kind of boots you wear.

  • Headwear. Something you feel comfortable in for prolonged periods. You should expect to wear your headwear the entire trip and certain fabrics may cause allergies or rashes.

  • Gloves. Optional hand warmers.

  • Flashlight (because it gets dark earlier, this is recommended as standard).