One (or more) times per year, Outerthere hosts small group trips to some part of the world, usually to celebrate whatever they celebrate in that country with the locals, and then, since we're there, do what we do here, except there. Your Host will typically kick things off by trying something awesome. Things typically escalate from there. It gets pretty lit. How lit? See above for past trips.

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Fine Print and Disclaimer

Outerthere is not an IATA-licensed travel agency. We use affiliate programs and discount travel apps like you and occasionally, get hookups from sponsors. Got a dope travel hack? Let us know. Further Out does not own the guides that lead us or the gear we use. Our itineraries are not set in stone until you're physically on the ground, and even then, you should always be flexible as all itineraries require some wiggle room. Further Out cannot control any unexpected changes in scheduling, quality of services, price changes, the weather, or acts of G_d that happen after we've booked everything for you. But, you're fam and we're traveling with you, and won't let sh_t get f_cked.