How We Rate Trips is an outdoor adventures booking site and community promoting activities and destinations using video of real experiences. and all its derivatives (including Outerthere fam, Outerthere family, and Salesnique) is owned and operated by Outerthere Adventures, LLC (Herein after “Outerthere”). reviews, curates, resells, and hosts outdoor adventure trips and travel, inviting the public to come along. Just about any outdoor activity that Outerthere hosts, is inherently dangerous. Without getting into too much legalese, please understand that risk of discomfort, injuries, exposure to allergens, mutilations, death, and a whole bunch of other risks we won't even name here, is high.  If you do acknowledge these risks, because chances are, you've been outside before, that means that you, your family, your heirs, executors, and administrators also acknowledge these risks and assume them entirely.  And that means that you agree to indemnify and release Outerthere from any legal liabilities associated with these risks.  Which hopefully also means you won't sue if the proverbial hits the fan. Be aware that whatever activity you do through a professional outfitter or other guiding service booked through Outerthere will also ask you to sign documents with similar language to protect themselves as well.

That said, safety first! Outerthere takes preemptive and proactive safety measures* to keep anyone who books a trip with us safe. Prior to any trip, you may receive fitness, nutrition, weather, and gear recommendations along with difficulty ratings so you can decide if a trip is right for you and are properly prepared.

At the start of any trip, your Outerthere host and/or other outfitter may also go through a safety briefing, which includes review of maps, trails, appropriate use of gear and equipment, and what to do in case of emergencies. 

But if anything should go wrong, unless you say otherwise, you also authorize Outerthere (and any of its assignees) to help you, primarily by getting you medical assistance.  That doesn't mean that you will be left in pain until professional help arrives; with your permission, your host or outfitter can provide minimal, basic first aid if you're no where near a hospital. (You'd also be glad to know how good mobile phone reception is at the destinations we go to and how close we actually are to hospitals where you'd receive care within an hour or two of an emergency happening).  Although these aren't reasons to treat your safety casually, they provide additional safety nets in case of emergencies.

Finally, you waive any right of publicity and understand that your likeness may be photographed or captured on video or otherwise reproduced for the commercial benefit of Outerthere and/or its affiliates and partners. You waive any claim to royalties and agree to the use of your likeness for any purpose. You understand that Outerthere may use and/or license your likeness in any manner that it wishes, in any and all media formats. These uses include but are not limited to promotional activities, marketing, advertising and other uses such as selling photographs as a service to participants, including to you. If you do not wish your likeness to be used, kindly let your host or outfitter know.

Also, one last thing. This website uses 3rd party tracking technology from companies like Google, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Mailchimp, etc. and continued use of this site means you're cool with that. respects your privacy, though. We only know who you are if you sign up to something and that information is shared with your host or outfitter. Thanks for understanding.

*Please note that Outerthere reserves the right to limit group sizes and decline a reservation if we assess that it poses a danger to our host, the group, or a destination. Nothing personal.


Everyone goes at their own pace and regardless of the pace you're on, you will never get left behind or feel as though you’re slowing anyone down. Whether you’re coming out for fitness or to just enjoy nature, the pace of the group can accommodate you.


The only challenge in family fun trips is making sure you keep track of your kid.  And you’ll be outdoors.


Beginner trips and adventures are for anyone physically active at least one to three times per week, including kids ages 6+. Trips may cover 1 to 4 miles in distance. You will be walking across unpaved, natural terrain anywhere between 2 to 4 hours with plenty of breaks or an experience will include basic training.  And you may be required to use your hands for leverage, balance, and even getting up or down some features or heights which may be a difference of a few feet in elevation change. These trips are recommended for anyone who wants to get more acquainted with the outdoors.


Intermediate means challenging, but completely doable for people active three to five times per week, including pre-teenagers. Trips may cover 5 to 10 miles, during which you'll be moving anywhere between 4 to 8 hours with short breaks. You will be expected to have had some basic experience with this activity. Terrain and weather is unpredictable, but manageable with the right gear.  You will be required to use your hands to scramble and support you to move through challenging, non-technical features. (If your knees or ankles are an issue, knee/ankle braces are recommended. You will receive gear recommendations for any trip you book.) Total elevation gain/loss throughout a trip may be hundreds of feet, so your calves, quads, hams, shoulders, back, and arms may get a good pump. You will need to focus and stay alert at all times for your safety. And you may be asked to support your fellow trip goers as a leader, sweeper, or expert throughout the trip.  When you’re done, you may say to yourself you’ll never do a trip like that again, but afterwards, you’ll look forward to the next one.  These trips are recommended for anyone interested in stepping up their outdoor game or anyone about to start a training program. 


Advanced is intended for people who are active almost every day (including teenagers) and could probably put together their own adventure, but are interested in going on said adventure with friends instead of solo. Trips may incorporate multiple types of activities (aka multi-sport). They may cover 10 or more miles over 1 or more days over technical terrain and weather. This may require more technical gear, which you should already have and probably need to dust off. These trips are recommended for anyone thinking about DIY trips and need some additional guidance, anyone training to do epic, multi-day treks, and/or anyone interested in mixing up their normal weekly workout.


Training means you’re about to get schooled in something. It’s not easy, because you’ll be forced to work outside your comfort zone. It’s not hard, because safety is always a priority.  So, consider it “Intermediate Challenging”.  Training trips are typically coordinated with pre-screened 3rd party outfitters with highly certified, professional guides who know their stuff.  If you've had a similar experience, please come with an open mind and ready to learn something new.


Scouting trips are meant for us to "test the adventure" (like breaking gadgets on purpose to see if they'll hold up to regular use) and figure out all the risks before planning a safe adventure for everyone else. That said, since we won't always know what to expect, sometimes these scouting trips are very easy and even boring or very challenging and extremely dangerous. But either way, they're fun with people who are open to anything and don't mind the unexpected inconveniences (weather, car issues, whatever) that come up on the way to a new experience. These trips are intended for everyone, but easier for people with advanced skills, experiences, and gear. 

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