Beach day surfin' whitcha homies was dope. Surf was up all day so we rented 2 boards and shared. Sun was out all day, despite the weather forecast. Beach was empty all day, so no tourists scared of rain. Fam brought pizza and beer all day and all was good in the world. And just when I got too burned to stay out, we left to get more drinks. And then it rained. Yeah, it was a good day.


Generic surfboard provided by Breakwater Surf Co. at Beach 67th street.

Unlike our other trips, surfing is the least predictable type of adventure we can plan. Sometimes, the weather is overcast. Other times, the tide just doesn't want to cooperate and there are no swells. And other times, the water's just sketchy. Oh, and that Rockaway Beach boardwalk is still under construction from Hurricane Sandy. But, it's our local surf beach and we're going for the day. Bring your towels, flip flops, and plenty of sun screen, because if the surf's up, we're surfing (and here's a handy beach cam and surf report by Surfline that we'll be checking that weekend) That said, this time of the year, east coast swells can reach reach 4 or 5 feet and the water is just starting to get warm enough that you don't need a wet suit. Board rental is approximately $50 for the day from whichever surf shop is renting on the beach.