BoneFrog claims to be owned and designed by Navy SEALs. And yes, maybe 1 or two obstacles felt like the sort of torture you'd expect at a bootcamp run my Marines (I did all 31 Heroes burpees plus 2 more for friends). However, I think these are the same guys that owned and designed BattleFrog and when BattleFrog went bankrupt late last year, they just came up with this, so these guys are officially the "frog guys" and I can't wait to see what they'll do next year. Anyway, although this race was one of the dirtiest I've ever run, it was a stretch to call most of these separate obstacles (in fairness, we did the 3-mile Sprint, with about 10 or 15 obstacles, depending on who's counting, and it was obvious they didn't really care about Sprinters because they paid the least), despite posting pre-teens dressed up in army fatigues at each "obstacle". Speaking of cost, I tried registering last minute and dropped off when I saw it was almost $90 and I couldn't find a good discount, because you always find a good discount. But then I decided to just sign up because I really wanted to do it, because Navy SEAL-designed(!) and I support our veterans. But next day, they send me a 30% discount in response to my drop off. I emailed asking them to apply that discount to the ticket I actually bought, and they're like, nah, because their system doesn't work that way. Well, f_ck you very much, frog guys. But thank these ladies for doing a 12-hour roadtrip with my in my hot ass Jeep while keeping me chill all day. Word.

 Allow 3 weeks for printing and delivery.

Allow 3 weeks for printing and delivery.

BoneFrog provided our bibs. We ran with old shoes/sneaks and clothes we didn't care about. GoPro cameras with action selfie and chesty.

Check Outerthere recommendations for obstacle course races. Want the tees we rocked on the trip? Get 'em hurr.

OCRs are what's up. Some people run these to compete. I've been running the "beginner" version of all of these every summer since 2015 because I LOVE the obstacles. This one's in DC so we're getting there Friday afternoon and camping locally. Prefer something better before a big race? AirBnb has a ton of options below 100. Couchsurfing has even more free options. No car? No problem? Find a good bus or train option with this site. I will get up early and shuttle you to the race from a central location.

Bonefrog tickets are $87 (including fees) for the 3-mile sprint this week through Friday, however, BoneFrog offers discounts to vets, military, students, cops, ems, and fire. If you don't fit any of those categories, you can still get 30% off any race with code "EOS30". When you register, sign up to the 10:30a wave and the "Outerthere fam" team. Let me know if you registered for any other category.