Outerthere fam Anna ran 50k (31 miles) because she felt like it. In 92-degree heat and humidity. With a health concern. And she did it with a smile.  And then she did it 2 more times in 2017. This is how it went down.


This trip was a scouting trip to see if Outerthere can host any trail runs or races. Curious to get started Running With Outerthere? Here's what you need to know.

Women and men run different and require different kinds of gear. Gear like the clothes, footwear, and accessories you use on race day that rub against your skin and can actually cause damage from friction (think bloody nipples. Yeah. That's a thing). So, whatever you're wearing (if anything), you'll need to protect all sensitive areas near seams and rough surfaces.

Anna used tight shorts (no seams), Outerthere tee (super soft) and sports bra (support and protection); oversized sneaks (her fave because of that cushion) with compression socks (helps with circulation) and hydration pack. Hat, shades, and bandana were for sun and grit protection.

Additionally, she tried using Physiclo resistance clothing (resistance bands integrated into tights) as part of her outdoor training. She wasn't thrilled about how the men's tights fit, but agreed that you can't go wrong with resistance bands as part of a regular training regimen. (Disclosure: Physiclo is an Outerthere sponsor).

This trip was not part of the official Outerthere calendar. But Outerthere was fully representin'.