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You just hiked (or ran) 20 long miles in 90-degree weather and ran out of water.

You just climbed the equivalent of the Empire State Building twice(!) on your way to 25,000 total steps because someone put a bunch of mountains on your trail.

After carrying 50 pounds of food and gear up a mountain, you set up camp just in time for the sky to open up and dump FML-type rain on you for 3 straight hours.

No matter how often things go from "Piece of cake!" to "WTF was I thinking?!", you can't help wanting to do it again. While some of your friends be like, "You crazy...", you're thinking, "You just don't get it..."

Welcome to Outerthere!


Where else you gonna get the low-down on that crazy adventure you've been thinking about? Outerthere creates content for you, a community of open-minded, ready-to-go, awesome city kids who are all about that #adventure life... but maybe want to see someone else try it first before you do it, and if you do try it, you'd prefer trying it with friends. is intended to inspire you, to spotlight your epic accomplishments, and to make you feel good going into your week or weekend. Want to come out on a trip, check out the calendar. Want to sponsor a trip or more? Ain't ready to come out, but believe in the vision? Click on ads you see, shop our Gear Shop or support Outerthere on GoFundMe.  And of course, sign up and follow us everywhere.


My name is Al and I set all this up kinda by accident. Getting out on a variety of trips, traveling all over the place and pushing myself to physical exhaustion was the only way I could deal with a major personal issue. And it turned out, a variety of people needed to handle their issues the same way, too.

So I invited these people to come out with me and that's when it kinda got turnt. Today, as your primary Host, I say yes to just about anything and Outerthere fam from all over the world - representing 25 countries at last count - apparently think that if I'm willing to do try it, they'll try it, too. (Don't judge our fam page. It's a work in progress).

Then I got a GoPro and things got more interesting. Turns out, people do and say all sorts of funny sh_t on camera, especially when they're having a great time.  So I learned to edit footage and put everything online to show you that 60% of the time, it's lit every time! Yeah! (We did a study. But don't trust my math, tho).

So whether you love to do epic sh_t near your crib or only when you can get to it on a plane, we got you covered, yo. Come out with us or watch our clips and live vicariously. Word.

P.S. Please don't jack our content without permission, yo. Thx. You can hire Outerthere to create some dope content just for you, though.


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