All trips are weather permitting, but in most cases, we go anyway, because we’re hardcore like that.

Strict dad voice: We (really, just Al) goes through a lot of trouble planning these trips for you and things need to run on schedule. If you decide to go on one of them, please respect your outfitter's, your guide's, and/or your fellow adventurers’ time and never be late to departure points. Pack your food and gear the night before, and you’ll always be on time. No last-minute nonsense on our watch. Now, go clean up your room and wash your face before getting out there to play with your friends. 

On 99% of trips (or some anecdotally similar number like that), Outerthere will not charge you for

  • making trips easy, fun, and safe
  • providing a mix of safety, navigation, and route planning that make each trip more enjoyable than trying to figure it out as you go
  • providing simple gear, nutrition, and fitness advice
  • the historical gold nuggets you get about the places we visit
  • the overall judgment, motivation, and professionalism provided on every trip

Also, your adventure planner, (again, just Al) happens to love planning trips he wants to do and invites everyone he knows (and they invite even more people), so it became practical to get his Wilderness First Aid and Emergency First Responder certifications, among various skills training he's got (check out his FourSquare checkins - he's da man!), because not surprisingly, the proverbial does hit the fan in the woods and you want the guy who set everything up to know what the heck he's doing to make sure you make it back out alive. 

Anyone is welcome to get to a trip destination on their own, and if you’re driving and need directions and/or can accommodate others, please let us know. Ridesharing is caring!

All our trips will observe Leave No Trace (it’s more than simply not littering) and Leave No Hiker: I have (probably) never lost a hiker on a trip (… except that one guy, but he totally didn’t count ‘cause he was a douchebag. J/K, no douchebag left behind either. But don’t be that guy).

Know your limits.  In case you don't, check out the waiver.  And remember, pack properly.