"So I look up and the entire ceiling (of the cave) is moving. I get closer and blow towards it rather than touch it and a carpet of albino crickets rained down on top of us! Adele starts screaming, trying to brush them off, running wildly in knee-high cave water while Maylis and I are just standing there cracking up..."

"So for no apparent reason, Anna drops her backpack and picks up and throws Xunjing over her shoulders and starts running. CJ, not one to ignore an obvious invitation, picks up Grace and now he's racing Anna up to hill to see who's fastest!"

"So we get the campfire going and everyone's ripping up their packs of sausages. Brendan borrows my knife to open his. As he's grilling, Vanish asks what that brown stuff is on his finger? Brendon hadn't noticed, but in his exhausted and inebriated state, he cut his finger almost to the bone. It didn't hurt because it was the middle of a 'polar vortex'."

There are hundreds of memorable stories. Some are even immortalized on tee shirts and retold year after year. What makes Outerthere Stories awesome are the variety of people who come out on a variety of activities they love. And everything is on camera.

Outerthere is an outdoor adventure community and media company.

Our fam and hosts never leave home without their cameras and we'd love to share our adventures with your readers and viewers.

Outerthere Stories capture the fun, joy, and excitement of an experience, from a simple hike to adventures in far-away destinations, entirely unplanned, unscripted and authentic.

So if your brand story or coverage needs a fresh, new perspective like the party was lit, get your story from Outerthere.

You're probably not going to win that Pulitzer or brand of the year, but your boss will love your Outerthere Story. Get started now. 

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Outerthere Stories is a "content studio/content marketing agency" because, let's face it, some of you suck at telling stories and need help. And even if you had a good one, you've already used it. Probably a few times. We're creating new stories every week, with incredibly fast turnaround at a really affordable price so you can get what you need on deadline and on budget.