These races are either getting easier or more fun, or both, so we're just gonna keep it moving. This particular race drew more badass women than any other we've run and they definitely made the day dope. Word.

Rugged Maniac bills itself as the 5k with 25 obstacles. If you looked on their site there were no surprises on race day, however, some of these obstacles, like running past tires or balancing across a seesaw stretched the definition of "obstacles". Their mud ("Shoe Catcher" and "Commando Crawl") and Warped Wall were dope, but not original, as was the case for pretty much all their obstacles. And their muddy water was particularly nasty (explosive diarrhea and eye infection successfully avoided, though. Thankyageezus!) And the bottlenecks on some of the obstacles... whaaat?! 30 minute wait for the Frog Hop and 30 for a rope climb. C'mon, guys! #wavestarttime #fail. The destination, Long Island Sports Park, turned out to be a great venue for this event. Not only was the terrain fairly flat, despite RM's best efforts to add sand dunes, it was so deep in Long Island, it attracted some of the coolest Long Islanders I've ever met. And that was ultimately made this race so much fun, the cool people it attracted.


Rugged Maniac provided our bibs. We ran with old shoes/sneaks and clothes we didn't care about (and which Rugged Maniac collected for donations after). GoPro cameras with chesty. Check Outerthere recommendations on what to bring to an OCR.

WTF?! Another fkn mud race? Seriously!? Yes, seriously. Although it's not as fluffy as the Ridiculous Race last weekend, it's the same distance - 3 short miles - with a lot more obstacle goodness (they claim 20+). Yeah man! Despite that, it is easier than a Tough Mudder, so you can totally give it a shot instead of living vicariously. So stop wondering, sign up, and come out. Registration details will be posted here this Friday, Sept 16. But in the meantime, RSVP below to let me know you're coming and we'll roll as part of the Outerthere squad. Word.