Yeah buddy! Like a champ! This race was too much fun. We doin' it again next year, fam! Word. Woooooo!

It's like Chuck E. Cheese for adults! Or a safer Action Park. It was so much fun, no one would blame (or stop) you for doing some obstacles more than once (I did!) This trip is DEFINITELY on the schedule next season. Word. Just don't swallow any of that water. Kudos on getting rid of the need for bibs that needed to be safety-pinned to my tee shirt and even having tee-shirt options (if you paid a little more, which went to charity anyway). And big ups for having so many well-trained, friendly volunteers to support us through the race. My one gripe was that the event organizers were waayy too strict with their rules, like sticking to your start time (your ID bracelet were color coded, which permitted security guards to quickly stop you if you tried to sneak into a wave you didn't belong) and nickle and diming for things like packet pick-up and photos (WTF!?) But free parking and bag check made up for it. Overall, it was really well-organized, safe, and fun.


Active Events (producers of this event) provided wrist bands that doubled as identifyers for camera shots. We ran with old shoes/sneaks/water shoes and clothes we didn't care about. GoPro cameras with chesty. Check Outerthere recommendations on what to bring to an OCR.

Upon noting that I tend to describe things as "ridiculous" a little too regularly, Outerthere friend E.Y. put me on to this. (Thanks EY!) I took a look and boom! it's exactly the sort of thing I'm down to do. And I want to do it with you fam!

So, here's what you should do (a little ridiculous, I know, but then again, this is the Ridiculous Race):

  1.  Head on over to and search for ROC race in Brooklyn. They've got a $59 voucher, less than the $68 you get charged if you buy direct. It expires today, Friday, Sept 9th, 2016, so hurry up and get it, yo!
  2. After you've booked your voucher (only 11:30am wave left), they'll give you a link and instructions on how to redeem your voucher on the website.
  3. The ROC website wave times are incorrect. It's either before noon or after noon, yet you just bought a voucher for 11:30am wave. So, select wave 2 on the ROC site and your voucher will automatically be accepted on the purchase page.
  4. When filling out your information, register as part of the "OUTERTHERE FAM" team. And remember, don't select the "tech tee" in order to get your voucher redeemed.
  5. ROC will charge you $5 to pick up your "package" day of and another $10 for like a stadium clean up fee, so will be charged $16.50.
  6. Your final total of $59 + 16.50 is $75.50, which is a major discount to the $92 ROC will charge you if you just go through the site.
  7. At the final screen, you'll be presented with an offer from Active Media to sign up to some auto-renewing membership. It looks like part of your purchase, but it's not. Just scroll down and click, No Thanks, and your final Transaction Complete page will appear.
  8. When you're done with all that, come back here and let me know if you're going by signing up below. Meet up details will be sent to you via email as late as 10p tonight, Friday, Sept 9, 2016.