Outerthere is an outdoor adventure community and media company. We host adventure group trips* for our loyal** and highly engaged*** community in partnership with tour operators and venues for the purpose of creating relatable, brandable media for marketers who want to be associated with the "outdoor adventure lifestyle".

  • Here's an example where a sailing sponsor bought ads across several pages, sponsored content, and custom content.

  • Here's an example of an event organizer who sponsored content.

  • Here's an example of a training apparel company who sponsored full-page ad and content.  And a similar one for a manufacturer of ready-to-eat snacks.

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Fine print for ads All placements on Outerthere.com are top of page, below navigation, except /whatyoumissed, /fam, and /further page ads which are embedded into content. All email ads are top of page. All ads will remain on site or sent via email for 30 days. Ongoing, seasonal, and packaged options available. We reserve the right to reject or take down any ad without cause or warning. In these cases, you will be issued a pro-rated refund. Outerthere.com is not currently accepting ads on non-1st level pages. Visit Get A Story for custom content. Visit Host a Trip to sponsor a trip. Payment available via Paypal.

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Salesnique, Inc. is the owner of the Outerthere brand and all related services.

Below are some stats about the Outerthere Adventure Audience Network (Jan 2017):

* Outerthere promotes 35+ trips per year, year-round, with various partners across the Great New York Metro Area. Our partners promote dozens of activities beyond that. Combined, Outerthere and partners can put your brand directly in front of 100 to 500 outdoorsy people every weekend during peak seasons precisely when they're most ready to buy your products and services, in places where your brand does not have a storefront.
** Outerthere fam are loyal. They spend an an average of 5 to 10 minutes on our most popular landing pages. Outerthere fam are young, with 61% being A18-35. (Source: Google Analytics, Dec 2016). Outerthere fam are multicultural, with 17+ countries represented on trips throughout the year. (Source: Survey)
*** Outerthere regularly enjoys a 20-40% engagement rate (i.e. email opens, clicks, likes) across email and social media. Outerthere fam are mobile and social, with 3-digit increases in traffic to Outerthere.com via these channels in 2016 v 2015. (Source: Google Analytics, Dec 2016).