Outerthere.com creates fun, feel-good outdoor adventure and travel content based on active group trips* we host with awesome partners.

Our community is young, dynamic, engaged, and multicultural**. They're also gear heads, travel extensively, and are very influential on social media.

There are 4 sponsorship options:

  • You can Host a Trip, which includes content created WITH your input, custom Outerthere gear, sponsored invites and social media posts, ads on site and emails, and reporting. Affiliate programs also welcome.

  • You can Get a Story,  which includes content created WITHOUT your input, sponsored invites and social media posts, ads on site and emails, and reporting.

  • You can also just purchase ads anywhere on our site, emails, or social media profiles (links below).

  • If you're a regional center, Conxulting.com can help with your EB5 marketing.



Here's an example where a sailing sponsor bought ads across several pages, sponsored content, and invested in custom content.



Here's an example of an event organizer who sponsored content.



Here's an example of a training apparel company that sponsored video-friendly Cover Page ad and content. (Video does not play on mobile).



Here's another similar example of a manufacturer of ready-to-eat snacks that sponsored video-friendly Cover Page ad. (Video does not play on mobile).



Here's an example of an event organizer that sponsored content.

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    Salesnique, Inc. is the owner of the Outerthere brand and all related services.

    Below are some stats about the Outerthere Adventure Audience Network (Jan 2017):

    * Outerthere promotes 40+ trips per year, year-round, with various partners across the New York Metro Area and internationally. These trips are ideal opportunities to sample your brand in ways you couldn't online or in your store.
    ** Outerthere fam are young, with 61% being A18-35. (Source: Google Analytics, Dec 2016). Outerthere fam are dynamic, with an average 88% of visitors being new visitors over 3 years. (Source: Outerthere analysis of 2016-2017 comparison, Google Analytics, Mar 2017).  Outerthere fam are engaged. They spend between of 5 to 10 minutes on our most popular pages. And Outerthere fam are multicultural, with 18+ countries represented on trips throughout the year. (Source: Survey)