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Come Sail With Us

"Sailing with good company" is kind of a big deal when you don't own your own yacht. If you're one of the lucky few who knows a skipper with his own boat (and it's usually men), you're one of the lucky few he will allow on his boat. Because, his boat, his rules. And he's probably a little 'extra' about it. Which means his friends are extra, too. But not you. You're just chill. And you want to hang with other chill people on a boat. Well, that's what Sailors NYC is all about.

Sailors NYC is a club for sailors (yacht owners welcome, too, tho). And it's owned by Capt. Nickie Levy. She's super chill, so we joined. (Full disclosure: Capt. Nickie also hired Outerthere to let you know how awesome Sailors NYC is and we ain't got no shame telling you). So, yeah, if you want a taste of that #sailinglife with other equally awesome people who are stuck on the same boat as you (Ha! See what I did there?) and you're not a rapper making a music video, then give Sailors NYC a try and go sailing with good company. They even got that new social membership so you can get a lil taste of the taste first. Word.  See you at sea!


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