Lightweight merino wool or cotton baselayer. Baselayers are the tops closest to your skin.


Shorts. Wicking. Spandex, cotton are OK great.


Minimalist OR max-cushioned running sneakers.


Light cotton socks and/or compression socks.

Bandana (it's multi-purpose and always useful).

Hydration system.



There are different kinds of Obstacle Course Races (OCRs). They range between 3 (5k) to 60 miles, contain 15 or more obstacles, and take 30 minutes to 10 hours to complete, depending on your physical conditions. If you race, you know your body will use up everything, leaving you prone to cramping and other assorted race-related issues.

OCRs are wet and muddy and regardless of the traction on your sole, you'll never have enough traction. Additionally, that mud never seems to get out, so any sturdy pair of boots, shoes, or sneakers that you were going to throw out anyway is fine.

Backpacks to carry light snacks, something packed with protein and/or energy. (There is always water to drink at intervals throughout the race). Outerthere uses and highly recommends GORUCK Bullet Ruck. (Support Outerthere and buy your GORUCK through that link. We're an affiliate and get a commission. Word.)

Something to help with chaffing (for example, vaseline)

Any and all braces you need

Extra change of clothes (including underwear)

2 large garbage bags

Dry bag and/or ziplocks for your phone, camera, valuables

Please note that you will have to thoroughly rinse everything off after you're done

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