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It's Outerthere's 4th Birthday and We're Gonna Suffern in the Cold Hike

If it snows, this'll be an awesome hike. Bring your snowshoes if you got 'em!

On the southern most end of Harriman State Park is a town called Suffern.  And watching silently over Suffern is Nordkop Mountain, which connects to Cobus Mountain, and at the base of which runs the Ramapo River.  And the only way to get to the top of Nordkop to bag the epic views and miles and miles of exciting terrain Nordkop is famous for is an 800 foot climb straight up.  And that climb happens over a distance the size of a city avenue.  So, it's steep, but it's short. And it's totally what you want to do!  Bonus: epic scrambling and beginner bouldering during if the weather cooperates!

We'll be meeting at NYC's Penn Station at 8:45a to buy our roundtrip tickets to Suffern Station ($13 each way).  Here's what to pack for this time of the year. 

Hashtag your Instagram and Facebook pics with #outerthere and #warriordash so all your homies can get jealous or inspired and come out, too! And don't forget to check the twitter @Outerthere for updates!

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