Outerthere Rides With OvRride at Killington!

OK, guys, it's about to go down! As I've been saying, I started co-leading buses for snow trip tour operator OvRride this season.  I got my training, got our welcome-to-the-OvRfam discount, and now we're about to make this happen!  This Saturday, Feb 1, 2014, we're going to Killington!  

If you've been snowboarding or skiing before, just skip the rest and go right to the link below.

If you've never been, here's what you should bring:

  • Snowpants
  • Base layers
  • Midlayers
  • Wind/rain shell
  • Thick comfy socks (2) - you'll want to spare to change on the bus
  • Visor
  • Beanie and/or ear protection
  • Face mask
  • Snow gloves
  • Hand/feet warmers
  • An extra change of clothes is optional to ride more comfy on the bus

Some of these things can be bought at the resort in their pro shops.  If you need tips on anything, just ask.  And if you don't have board, boots, bindings and helmet, they can be rented via OvRride's website for a small fee.

OvRride is all about excellent customer service.  They facilitate the entire planning process between you and the resorts by providing a ride to and from, rentals, lift tickets to different parts of your favorite mountain, and classes if you want 'em.  And there are plenty of perks like free swag, booze, and other great discounts.  You want to be on their buses.

OK, so stop wasting your time here and get yourself to the OvRride website, find the date (Feb 1, 2014) find the trip (Killington) and get your tickets.  Use discount code "outrthr2014" to get 10% off your cost on the ride.

Hashtag for this trip is #itsgotime!