The kind of trip where the weather was dope, the trail was perfect, the people were awesome, and the sh_t you talked about was real. Shout out to Sayid for his first camping trip and having the balls to keep it real. Word.


We want to thank our sponsor MunkPack who hooked it up with tasty oatmeal/fruit squeeze packs. It was an international crew (German, Russian, Ecuadorian, Puerto Rican, Chinese, Filipino, and Guyanese) and even the most particular about what they ate thought these situations were dope. Then they read the ingredients and it was ovah. Done. Get yours for your next trip!

We want to thank our sponsor Traverse Outfitters who hooked up gear rentals. I got a pack big enough to fit an entire apartment into. Check the clip. Others got tents, bags, pads, the works. If you ain't ready to invest hundreds (or thousands) on new gear just yet or can't go back to your parents house to get all the sh_t you left behind because you didn't think you'd ever go camping in NY, then go get your rentals from these guys.

We want to thank our sponsor Physiclo who hooked up some legit workout gear to get us ready for this 15-mile overnight. Seriously, resistance bands in tights works. Two quick things, if you're a female, definitely get the female version. The male version is not flattering on females because of the way the resistance bands wrap around your legs. But dudes will look check-outable. Yeah man.And second, they're tights with resistance bands. Get like at least 1 or 2 sizes bigger. Step up your workout for your next adventure (or just to look fly at the gym).

 Allow 3 weeks for printing and delivery.

Allow 3 weeks for printing and delivery.

Want the tees we rocked on the trip? Get 'em hurr.

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Oh snap! This the 4th annual! See the ridiculousness that went down last year and try not to miss this one!

I've never done this before but was curious so it'll be a scouting trip. That said, I already checked the maps and it should be manageable for beginners looking to step things. However, it's not get off the train and boom, trailhead. We gotta work to get to the park, work to get to the campsite, and work to get out of the park on the other side. Approximately 13 miles. But mostly over a level stretch of the Appalachian Trail. But you won't notice it anyway since the entire first half of this trip is overlooking a beautiful Hudson River. Word. It's gonna be dope.