It was hot. Like, we were sweating just standing there hot. So, not a lot of climbers came out. In fact, we got to climb routes I've never climbed before after a bunch of trips because it was too hot to climb. But, Outerthere fam go out in all weather. Word. Some of us even roll through wearing designer pants, white tee, and black sweater tired around our waists, because he just had to climb in style. LOL! Gotta love your family no matter what!


High Xposure rented us rope, harnesses, climbing shoes, and helmets. Check Outerthere climbing gear recommendations.

We just did this trip and it was off the chain! So we're doing it again.Gear, pick up/drop off to park and bus station, park admission, and our guide's time are approximate $130 (with a minimum of 4 climbers. Get your friends to go and the price goes down. Word.) Please note: if we don't get 4 climbers, the cost per climber goes up. Register below by Fri, Jul 15, so I can make our reservations with the guide.