No matter where you go, snow is always gonna look the same. And this year, El Nino robbed us. So instead of giving you a play-by-play of each mountain we visited, here are the best bits. Word.


All the mountains provided basic snowboard and ski rentals, bindings, and poles to anyone who didn't have. Some also provide helmets (helmets are important. Don't f_ck around and get a concussion, yo). None rent visors, so we brought our own (not recommended if you stick to the bunny slopes, and yo, ain't no shame in riding bunny slopes if you're a beginner).

Outerthere partners with OvRride, the #1 tour operator to snow resorts on the east coast. On a typical, snowy weekend, OvRride sends 20 to 30 buses up to the mountains, and Outerthere is an official trip leader on one of those buses.

I LOVE DAY TRIPS! They're way more affordable than a weekend trip because OvRride gets that crazy group rate, leaving you more money for drinks and a free day to rest at home. Just get on the bus and chill. A typical day trip consists of:

  • A mad early morning (starting at 3am and every hour thereafter until 9am) pickup at a convenient location in your borough
  • A 3- to 5-hour bus trip to the mountain (depending on where it is) where you can nap off the previous night's alcohol poisoning, and when you wake up, I will personally serve you water and freshly baked breakfast bagels with creamcheese (Whaaaa?!)
  • Then when we get to the mountain, I give you your lift, rental, and lesson tickets, you get your gear and ride and ski all day. Need a break? There are dope bars and you will find me at it around 2p, killing some chilli or ridiculous, maple-syrup glazed grill cheese with a cold beer
  • And finally, around 4p, you load back up on the bus for the trip back down to your drop off spot(sorry, homies, apres happens on the bus, with cold beers and cheesy movies. But it's still dope).