Host A Trip is Outerthere's partner platform to share or create trips, get content, and drive bookings and buying.

Hosts are climbers, kayakers, skydivers, zipliners, yogis, fishermen, surfers, and other professionals who are masters at their skills and love sharing it with others. As an Outerthere Host, you either have an existing guiding or adventure travel business or you work with these type of pros to create content.

Existing affiliate/referral programs welcome. Fill out the form below and include a link or code we can use.

Outerthere's expertise is sales and marketing of outdoor adventure travel, trips and activities. The Outerthere brand is an influential promotional platform for Hosts like you.

  1. We test-run your trip to check for awesomeness.
  2. We create amazing content from your local or international trip.
  3. We promote your trip(s) on our official calendar using the content we got.
  4. We put it all together in a professional content marketing campaign that helps improve intent-to-buy from customers.

Outerthere is an outdoor adventure community and media company. The content we create comes from the trips we host and promote with you. You make money from the bookings or sales generated. We make money from sponsorships. So in order to become an Outerthere Host, there's a fee involved. But here's the good news. Your fee gets you paying customers* who'll come out on Outerthere Hosted trips and content that's proven** to drive intent-to-buy. Sound good?

Get started now. Boost your bookings as early as next month!

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Salesnique, Inc. is the owner of the Outerthere brand and all related services. Outerthere is not accredited by IATA, ARC, or CLIA. We will consider all types of trips as long as they are direct from source.

*Paying customers are not guaranteed on every trip.
**Outerthere content increases time spent on website pages where it's hosted and intent-to-buy. Results are not guaranteed in all cases.