If you're a certified guide/independent tour operator or a destination marketer and are looking to generate more income doing what you're already doing, Outerthere can help!

Outerthere works with you to monetize your email list, website traffic, and other potential media assets, like your buses, gear, etc. How? By working with sponsors to develop and invest in sponsorships specifically for us!

How does it work?

  1. Send Outerthere your stats. Stats are the total # of emails in your database, number of emails sent and how often, total website traffic, time spent on site, etc. We'll walk you through it, don't worry.
  2. Outerthere will then package your stats together with stats from other guides and destinations in our network. Sponsors love big numbers!
  3. Outerthere will then reach out to appropriate sponsors. Yes, this is the sales part and it's a challenging full-time job even when you know what you're doing, which we do.
  4. Once a deal is signed, Outerthere will then provide you with sponsor messaging, art work, and links that you need to put in your emails, website, and social media and send out on the sponsor's requested schedule.
  5. You get paid based on your stats! Outerthere takes a standard commission for its work and distributes the rest proportionately to everyone in the network.

Contact Outerthere now to learn more about making more money from your outdoor adventure business!

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Salesnique, Inc. is the owner of the Outerthere brand and all related services. Salesnique is a repping service and only makes money when you make money so we work with sponsors to get fair value for your stats because then we both make the most. Fairly obvious and straight-forward, right?  But, if you don't have anything for us to sell to sponsors, or your stats aren't more awesome than the next guide's, you need to set things up and step up your game. Salesnique prefers long-term, exclusive relationships in order for this to work and everyone to make money. Sponsorships are not guaranteed and rates may vary across regions and industries. Sponsors may also opt-out of sponsoring you specifically. Don't take that personally. Sponsors are notoriously particular about these things. Finally, we will always be transparent about what's going on with sponsors so you can make the decision that's right for your business.