There's a story behind every piece of gear. Were you there? Next time you get invited to a trip, roll through and you'll be part of the story. Pick your story and gearup, homies!


gerund or present participle: gliking
1. Combination of hiking and glam. Walking over neatly manicured and graveled paths in the woods without touching nature.

"Bro! Seriously! Gliking?!"

See how this tee came to be...

#outerthere Whether you've been on 10 trips or just seen them online, now you can be part of the story, too.

Get your basic white tee so you can get it filthy on your own adventure! Shout out to Anna P for the idea for this tee.

#outerthere Whether you've been on 10 trips or just seen them online, now you can be part of the story, too.

Get your basic black tee so you can hide cuts and bruises after your own adventure! Shout out to Anna P for the idea for this tee.

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#skiesoutthighsout New tee for the summer! Get yours now! And let 'em know!

Basically, things start to come off during the summer. Wanna see what comes off, come out. And get this tee. See how this hash started. Big ups to my boy Adam C. for coming up with this hash!

#flybabyfly New tee for when you find yourself hurling through the air!

In honor of Outerthere fam who are prone to throwing themselves out of perfectly good airplanes... and mountains... and... See how it all started.


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Outerthere tees are made out of really dope, premium Bella + Canvas cotton. I wear them everywhere, on every trip, all year round, so you know they take a serious beating and keep their color after repeated washing. Plus they feel great and make you look fly. Word. They're available in men's and women's sizes and are printed, shipped and handled by Orders are printed and shipped when the time expires or earlier. Got the wrong size? No problem. Returns handled by TeeSpring (just in case).

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"So we're on this crazy hike in the morning to kill time before a kayaking trip on the Hudson, and then to a secret water fall near Cold Spring, NY.  Outerthere fam Maylis was just sitting there by the lake under the water fall, just being happy. As we're headed back to our boats to paddle back to civilization, I blurted out "F_CK OUR DESKS!!" and Maylis being Maylis, gave it it's acronym, "FOD!" The rest of the month, that became our code word for that moment when Maylis crossed that line from a stranger to part of what is now a really huge outdoor family." - Al Berrios

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This is actually Gildan 8oz Heavy Blend Hoodie but look how warm it looks!

This is actually Gildan 8oz Heavy Blend Hoodie but look how warm it looks!


"During our last camping trip, Outerthere fam CJ did something he always does. He finds some crazy sh_t to do and he decides to explore it. He calls these types of random exploring 'side missions' and yeah, whether or not you've been out on an Outerthere trip, you the sort of person who goes on side missions all the time. So you know I had to put that on a tee. And a sticker."

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"On a caving trip with Outertere fam Maylis and Adele, we met Tina [not her real name]. The filth that comes out of her mouth - wow! So as you can imagine, instant caveromance! She ruined Maylis forever. Anyway, if you know anything about the caving community, you know that it's not exactly co-ed. Actually, it's practically a sausagefest. And what happens when you introduce a female into that kind of community? Yeah, pretty much. So, Tina was telling us this story [as retold by me here] about this one caver who was really interested in her during one of the community's regular get-togethers. He kinda turned into a kling-on, going as far as leaving flowers for her at her tent. He somehow finagled a carpool back to NYC with her and on the way home, they stopped off at a convenience store because Tina was craving ice cream. And guess who bought her some? Story done and someone suggested that in order to get a girl's attention, all anyone had to do was get her ice cream and flowers, of course. And through the magic of Maylis' unique sense of humor, #icecreamandflowers became a thing, despite Tina's best efforts to stop it. Later, on a camping trip, Maylis actually started picking up flowers from the side of a trail and asking her group to pass it back to Tina, just to f_ck with her! When Maylis announced that she'd be returning home to France, I decided to print this tee in her honor. And as if the comedy gods were on our side the day I gave it to her, guess who shows up to hangout with us for drinks? Tina!

But on a serious tip, here's what #icecreamandflowers means to me. Regardless of what activity you pick, from caving, to climbing, to snowboarding, boating, surfing, skydiving, mountain biking, and even camping, pretty much everything Outerthere fam loves doing, the outdoors can feel a bit homogeneous, where you're more likely to encounter a caucasian male and his caucasian male buddies doing awesome (or crazy) sh_t before you come across a woman or a person from a different background doing it. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that. It is what it is. And for the most part, in my adventures, I've always found these dudes to be just as cool, if not cooler, than certain members of my own family (looking at you, Uncle M-.). Although I will never understand what Tina must go through as an awesome, adventurous woman of color, #icecreamandflowers reminds me to appreciate this amazing, multicultural, Outerthere community, where adventurous people like Tina, like Maylis, like Adele, and I can all participate in outdoor adventures with people who just get us, without using the cultural lenses, barriers, and/or etiquette sometimes necessary to avoid offensive and/or awkward moments. And because caucasian males and their buddies can almost always find adventurers that look like them wherever they go, they often don't know when they're being offensive, awkward or worse to a woman or anyone from a different background than them. Among the Outerthere fam, we can all give each other ice cream and flowers because we're just friends, not because you're the only girl in the group and giving you ice cream and flowers is the only thing the boys know to do to show you that they want to hit that." - Al Berrios

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"Once you notice deez nuts, you already fell for the trap. There's basically nothing you can do to get out of what comes next. Don't believe me, check the (Beginner Camping Trip...) clip on how this tee came to be." - Al Berrios

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"If I had known that Outerthere fam had the kind of mouths that would make truckers and pirates blush, I would have been filming every minute from Day 1. The filth that comes out of their mouths... For example, on a Mini-Ocktoberfest camping trip, when we get to the campsite, exhausted, freezing and starving, and set up camp and a campfire, everyone proceeded to whip out their sausages to grill (wait... stop laughing. Let me finish). When that grease started bursting out of the sausages and crackling and popping onto the fire, and the smell.... well, everyone just lost it, devouring their sausages like last meals (some not even fully cooked right, too) and gulping down beers like water, celebrating by claiming that the best sausages they'd ever had were Al's sausages... Well, things just went downhill from there..." - Al Berrios

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