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Feb 6, 2016 - Outerthere Rides Camelback!


All ski resorts provide all necessary rentals, including skis, snowboards, ski and snowboard boats, and ski poles. Some provide helmets. None provide goggles or appropriate clothing. If you're looking to make an gear investments for your winter activities, invest in a jacket, pair of winter pants, multi-season helmet, and sub-$100 goggles in that order. Then, buy everything else and higher quality gear once you know what works. Check out Outerthere recommendations for this activity.

We're going to Camelback! Getcher tickets here!

Because I don't own a full-sized bus, nor have crazy discounty relationships with every mountain on the east coast where snow falls, I go with OvRride - they get the best discounts and pass it on to their customers, plus they toss in free beers at the end of an epic day. What!!? What more can you ask for?! Best of all, they let me lead the bus I'm on, so you know it'll be on and poppin! So, if you ain't got nothing planned for this weekend, come out with Outerthere + OvRride for an awesome time. Yeah!

Not sure what to wear for this adventure? Check out my recommendations.

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