This how we play in the snow. Dope times with dope people. Word.


Check Outerthere recommendations for ice climbing trips.

Outerthere is partnering with Alpine Endeavors, organizers of the Catskills Icefest!

We will be heading out Saturday, early morning from Port Authority and taking the bus to New Paltz, NY, ($43.50 round trip) where we'll meet to get our gear. From there, AE will take us to the climbing site in their van. After, they're taking us back to New Paltz. We can grab some food and beers at the local beer spot, and be back to Port Authority by 8p-ish. Sign up below for full details on where we'll meet, and everything else. Fee is $175/pp, payable via this link set up just for us. Fee is $150 for guiding and $25 for a seat on the van from New Paltz to the climbing area. However, if you opt out of the van, you will be refunded $25 at the conclusion of the day.