CONXULTING-logo-inside-header_v2.jpg provides better EB5 content marketing that generates leads* in international markets for your regional center brand.

Conxulting Means Content.

Here's how it works:


Select one of the scheduled itineraries on Outerthere's international trip calendar (see below). We will Host your company in that country, setting up the foundation for your team's big promotional push.


We create content about your city, your brand, your project and adapt it to the country where we will host you. We plan and implement  livestreamed seminars just for your regional center. By the time you're ready to make a big sales investment in the market, will have already generated awareness among prospective EB5 candidates.


You worry about the project and the paperwork. We worry about generating leads with hyper-targeted content marketing on search and social media that drive EB5 candidates to your regional center.

* A lead is a visitor to your website or social media profiles that fills out a simple form requesting more information.



We supported on-the-ground content marketing and email marketing for this regional center at an EB5 conference in India. We delivered 100+ leads for their 1st project with a 2.5% conversion rate.

We have successfully worked with different marketers since 2017. See other examples of how we work with our sponsors.

Here's a short 45-minute crash course on marketing strategy and why content is so important.


Meet Al Berrios

Al Berrios is founder of, an international marketing agency. With 20 years of senior marketing experience, your regional center's marketing is in good hands. Click the button below to learn more about Al.


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Proposed International Trips

Dominican Republic + Ghana
Mexico + Panama
Guyana + Brazil


According to temporarily released USCIS statistics, of the 26,000 visa petitions they approved under the EB5 program between 2014-2017, over 30%** went to NYC-based regional centers tied to major, brand-name real estate developers, with 3,100 going to a single regional center. How do you compete with that if you only need 50, 25, or just 10 investors?! Yeah, but China...? It just got harder to get money out and prove source of funds.

Now is the best time to work with

If your regional center is ready to attract the best EB5 candidates before other projects by respecting local market dynamics and understanding the role of content marketing beyond your project (i.e. the people, the city, the industry, commercialization opportunities), then this is the ideal sponsorship opportunity for you.

The sooner we get started, the better content marketing works***. Please fill out the form below.

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** analysis
*** On average, consumers need to see 6 to 12 videos before they're ready to buy (Source: analysis)

about_the_service_lowercase-divider.jpg (pronounced "consulting") is a New York-based content marketing agency that works with (links to About page). It is not a registered broker-dealer or licensed financial advisor. We do not work on commissions-for-investors and do not promote or sell your projects to qualified investors. We promote your regional center brand within targeted international markets ahead of your own sales and marketing push for your project(s). Conxulting Means Content.