Thank you for an Epic F_cking Year!

HUGE Thank You to Idalia, Maylis, Ike, Adele, Alberto, Tine, Megan, Shirley, Delyanne, Thu, Liz, Nisha, Rima, Xunjing, Aankit, Lijuan, Qingshi, Njeri, Felix, Jose, Mariela, Christina, Lily, Giselle, Tommy, Madeline, Shastri, Claire, Pedro, Liz, Juan, Sweta, Senny, Marissa, Helio, Daniel, Nissi, Domicio, Vinicius, Lele, Aline, Taina, Fernanda, Bruna, Carlos, Livia, Carol, Jenny, Eriquetta, Gabriel, Paula, Joia, Harn, Marice, Sara, mom, dad, sis, and everyone who supported me and made 2015 epic.

And a huge thanks to all the guides, outfitters, and trainers that kept things "cool and refreshing" in 2015, including that young Jamaican guy who took us cliff jumping in Jamaica, Sailors NYC, Peak Mountain Bikes, Spartan Race, the hang glide pilots from Rio,  Global Aviation, Zoar Outdoor, Trapeze School NYC, Grandmaster Alan Lee's KFWS, Warrior Dash, GoRuck Challenge Team, The Cliffs, the ATV guys in DR, the horse owner in DR, the Mountaineer, OvRride, and all the bed and
breakfasts, snowboarding mountains, and caving grottos that had to put up with us this year.

See you outerthere next year! Word.

Places where this clip was shot include: