I sailed with Sailors NYC last year. That's when she found out about Outerthere and offered to take fam out on a charter with that dope discount. I was like, "Word?!", and she was like, "Yeahhh!" so I was like, "Let's do this!" and gave us our own boat. And here's what happened... Yeah, it was hotter than a muthaf_cka, but we had an awesome time! And best of all, Capt. Nicky says, "Tell fam to use "OUTERTHERE" if they register for 50% off all trips. Word. That's what's up.


Sailors NYC provided their O'day 302 sloop, Veronica. Boat shoes optional. Personal flotation device optional. Sailors NYC wants you to know that Outerthere fam can use promo code OUTERTHERE to get 50% off the class price for the rest of the summer. Word.

Sailing is awesome. Duh. Wind in your hair (or scalp, in my case). Sun in your face. And plenty of filthy sailor humor and drinking afterwards. Word. If you've never sailed, this will be a great opportunity to get your proverbial feet wet. If you have, this will be a refresher or a chance to teach the rest of us how to sail like a boss.

We'll be going with Sailors NYC, a private charter company owned by Outerthere friend, Capt. Nicky Levy. She's super chill and sails for the same reason we do awesome shit, she loves it. Follow these steps to RSVP:

  1. Please visit: http://www.sailorsnyc.com/booking
  2. Find Aug 13th 11:30am lesson with Nitzan Levy.
  3. And when you sign up, use promo code OUTERTHERE to get 50% off the class price. So instead of paying $152, we only pay $76. Word.