Beginner Camping Trip, 3rd Time's A Charm! And it was bananas, yo.



This is a limited edition tee only for Outerthere fam who came through on this trip. Get one and you'll be telling the story behind the hashtag for years. Yeah!

$23.99 Available for mens and womens.

This sale ended May 10, 2016 at 11pm. Sorry if you missed it. But get the new version at the Outerthere Gear Shop.

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You've been cooped up all winter. Snow stopped being sexy months ago. You work, got kids, gotta keep your hustle movin' and don't have too much time for a major adventure, but you're itching to get out and do something awesome, maybe a little cray, too. Well, you're in luck, 'cause Outerthere is doing a beginner camping trip! Yeah!

This will be Outerthere's 3rd attempt at a beginner camping trip in the spring and if it works, will begin a new tradition. If you go, you'll find out what happened at the first two attempts. We'll be backpacking through the legendary Appalachian Trail and camping at Sterling Mountain, where NY and NJ stare each other down to see who's more cray. (BTFU NJ). Wondering what "beginner" means? Check my explanations. RSVP to get all the details about what to pack and the what to bring to eat, so you don't have to stress and overthink it. And for the first time ever, the camper who comes up with the most used phrase of the trip gets a free Outerthere tee-shirt after. Word.