You just hiked (or ran) 20 long miles in 90-degree weather and ran out of water. You just climbed the equivalent of the Empire State Building twice(!) on your way to 25,000 total steps because someone put a bunch of mountains on your trail. After carrying 50 pounds of food and gear up a mountain, you set up camp just in time for the sky to open up and dump FML-type rain on you for 3 straight hours. No matter how often things go from "Piece of cake!" to "WTF was I thinking?!", you can't help wanting to do it again. While some of your friends be like, "You crazy...", you're thinking, "You just don't get it..." Welcome to Outerthere and if you came out with me on any trips, this is what it was like and although you may be sore, you loved it!

Outerthere is an outdoor adventure community based in NYC (meet the fam, but don't judge. This page is a work in progress). Our trips aren't for everyone. If you want a walk in the park, try Central Park. If you want to sight see, go to the Bronx Zoo. But if you want to push your limits on an adventure where you'll probably make life-long friends; or if you want to burn more calories in a day than you could in a week on that treadmill; or if you want that Machu Pichu experience (maybe again?) without dropping a small fortune, then come out with me. Isn't that worth getting up early, doing laundry another day, or skipping that same ol' afterwork drinks with the same ol' coworkers you see every day?!

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P.S. My name is Al and I set all this up kinda by accident. Getting out on a variety of trips, traveling all over the place and pushing myself to physical exhaustion was the only way I could deal with a major personal issue. And it turned out, lots of other people needed to handle their issues the same way, too. So I invited them to come out with me and that's when it kinda turned into this. I'm not a certified guide, trainer, or travel expert. I just say yes to everything and Outerthere fam apparently think that if I'm willing to do try something, they'll try it, too. Then I get it all on camera because it's dope, but also to help you, whoever you are reading this right now, figure out if you wanna roll with us, too. So whether you love to do epic sh_t near your crib or only when you can get to it on a plane, we got you covered, yo. Word.

P.P.S. Please don't jack my content without permission, man. Thx.

Head on over to the #whatyoumissed section to understand how we roll. But in the meantime, check these

Captured on GoPro Hero 3+. Track is Burn Di Fire (Afro Mix) by Mastiksoul feat. Pressure. Shout out to sponsors,, and

Captured on GoPro Hero 3+. Track is Feels Like Home (Radio Edit) by The Him feat. Son Mieux

Captured on GoPro Hero 3+ Track is Born to be Alive by Patrick Hernandez

There's a story behind every piece of gear. Pick your story and gearup, homies!
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