Have you ever told a joke that's exactly your sense of humor and you're laughing before you finish but no one else gets it and now you gotta explain it and it ain't funny anymore?

Or you're being sarcastic because you're sarcastic and everyone knows that but instead of getting chuckles, someone got offended and now you gotta apologize for being who you are?

You ever just wish you could just be with a group of people and just be yourself and not feel like you're being judged and just have an awesome time?

That's what this snow season has been like with these people. I'm the first to admit, I can say some rude and offensive shit sometimes. But that's just how I roll and although I'll apologize for hurting your feelings, I'm not gonna apologize for being who I am. If you don't respect that first, how you expect me (or anyone else) to respect you and how you roll?

For years I've been riding with the OvRride crew and although they have been AMAZING, I haven't always felt like I could be myself. After all, as a beginner who's older, doesn't do the crazy tricks, and don't always understand the culture, I don't always fit in. I ride because I love to ride. But this season has been different.

I've met amazing riders who get me. Who make me feel like I fit in. Who allow me to be myself without making me feel judged.  And although I'm no longer a beginner and can hang with OvRride crew at their level, I now found a crew I really enjoy riding with and another reason to love snowboarding.

I made this clip to get you to come out. No matter your riding level, your color, or what you do for a living, you can love snowboarding or skiing when you find the right squad. And look, everyone falls, not just you. We just get back up and keep having fun. Not gonna lie, gear, ski lifts, and getting there is expensive, but Outerthere Rides! makes it as affordable as possible with OvRride! So whether you're a beginner or not, or whether you come out with us or not, come out and enjoy our awesome east coast snow. Word.




All ski resorts provide all necessary rentals, including skis, snowboards, ski and snowboard boats, and ski poles. Some provide helmets. None provide goggles or appropriate clothing. If you're looking to make an gear investments for your winter activities, invest in a jacket, pair of winter pants, multi-season helmet, and sub-$100 goggles in that order. Then, buy everything else and higher quality gear once you know what works.

Check Outerthere gear recommendations for skiing and snowboarding.

Outerthere friends OvRride hosts these trips. Buy tickets on their site. OvRride is the #1 tour operator to snow resorts on the east coast. Outerthere is an official trip leader on one of those buses.

I LOVE DAY TRIPS! They're way more affordable than a weekend trip because OvRride gets that crazy group rate, leaving you more money for drinks and a free day to rest at home. Just get on the bus and chill. A typical day trip consists of:

  • A mad early morning (starting at 3am and every hour thereafter until 9am) pickup at a convenient location in your borough
  • A 3- to 5-hour bus trip to the mountain (depending on where it is) where you can nap off the previous night's alcohol poisoning, and when you wake up, I will personally serve you water and freshly baked breakfast bagels with creamcheese (Whaaaa?!)
  • Then when we get to the mountain, I give you your lift, rental, and lesson tickets, you get your gear and ride and ski all day. Need a break? There are dope bars and you will find me at it around 2p, killing some chilli or ridiculous, maple-syrup glazed grill cheese with a cold beer
  • And finally, around 4p, you load back up on the bus for the trip back down to your drop off spot(sorry, homies, apres happens on the bus, with cold beers and cheesy movies. But it's still dope).